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Hi, My name is Shweta.

My story begins in 2015.

The short version is that in 2015, for the first time ever, I moved 10,000 miles away from home (India), leaving behind a job offer as a financial analyst to live my dream of studying sports management. I ended up being a double masters graduate and unemployed for 8 months in a new country, as an immigrant. I stumbled upon the online world in early 2017, got a job with a digital marketing agency and started working with small businesses as a freelancer, helping them implement marketing strategies and scale faster.  When life gave me lemons, I used them to make me a real good drink!

I fell in love with online marketing when I first started using Facebook Ads and Instagram for my e-commerce store that I founded in 2013 while pursuing a full-time MBA. So, when I came across the online world in 2017, it wasn’t completely new, but I was very hesitant to get clients online. But everything changed when I got my 2nd client to pay me $1500 to help here market her business using ads and bots. I now help and educate solopreneurs and ambitious creatives be productive under time constraints and build businesses that impact lives!

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Okay, here is the longer version of my story!

In 2013, I got admission into one of the top MBA universities in India. The same year I started my first entrepreneurial venture. It was an e-commerce store selling jewelry, home decor and other accessories. By the end of 2014, even before my last semester began, I had a job offer with a multinational bank, to work with them as a financial analyst.

During that time, I was also secretly preparing for the GMAT exam, because although my life seemed perfect, for me, something was missing.

I have been a tennis player and an overall sports crazy human since I was 9 years old. I loved hosting and organizing sports events in high school and university, and I loved travelling all over the country to participate in sports events. I concluded that studying sports management was my ultimate passion and decided to move to the US to get a second Masters in Sports Management.

But I soon realised that passion is not what it seems to be. The authors in the book, Designing your Life, mention that “Passion for most people happens after people try something, not before. And in fact, passion often comes once they’ve tried it…and mastered it!”

And it is so true.

15 months later I found myself newly married, a double masters graduate and unemployed for 8 months. 

I was depressed to say the least.

In India, a degree means a good job and good money. I had 3 degrees, no job and no money.

In a matter of months I went from being an ambitious free young woman to someone who felt defeated, unworthy and a failure every waking moment.

I hit rock bottom and the only way out was to put every little effort I had left within me to keep pushing.

That’s when I stumbled across the online world and fell in love with the world of digital marketing and growing businesses from scratch. I quickly got a job with an agency and started learning everything I could, spending time online before and after work.

I worked with my first client in December 2017, and due to the systems, automation and marketing strategies I had in place in my business even before I started, I made $6000 in the first 45 days in my business. This is where my true passion was born.

My love for Marketing Technology led me to switch corporate careers and I was able to 3X my corporate salary in 2 years.

I currently write about my favorite marketing technologies for small businesses on this blog, and I am also building out Digital Freelancer School and Her Money Trek to share my experiences with others.