7 Questions To Ask Before Running Facebook Ads

While Facebook ads can be very lucrative for your business, it is important to understand that
not all Facebook ads will work. And not all businesses are ready for Facebook ads.
Here are some questions that you can ask yourself or the business owner you are working for,
before you set out to conquer Facebook ads…

Do you know your business goals?

The first step that you will take the process of creating your Facebook Ad will be choosing your
campaign objective.
Your campaign objective depends completely on your business goals. The basis for a successful
Facebook campaign is choosing the right objective.
So you see, to get your objective right, you have to be absolutely clear about your business
goals, financially and strategically.


Do you know your target audience well?

The right targeting is key to a successful Facebook Ads campaign and to get it right you need to
know your target market really well.

Facebook lets you get ultra-specific with targeting, you can target people based on their
demographics, location, interests, behaviors and you can even target someone who is a
Facebook page admin!

In order to be able to take complete advantage of this feature it is important for you to deeply
understand your target market. Their likes, their struggles, their desires, the books they like, the
people they want, everything that can help you serve them better.
If you decide to run Facebook ads, you need to make sure that you are absolutely clear on who
you are trying to reach.

Do you have the patience that Facebook ads need?

There’s a high probability that your first ad won’t work, maybe your 10th won’t work too.
You need to continuously split test your ads for different audiences, placements, devices etc.
before you find the ad that works for you.

You may find that ad on your second split test or your seventh, sometimes it could take longer.
Too many times I hear that people saying that they tried Facebook Ads for their business and it
didn’t work for them. It’s true, not all businesses do well with Facebook Ads but often, it means
you haven’t tried hard enough.

Running Facebook ads requires you to have patience and I have run Facebook ads for B2B
companies so there’s definitely a target market for you on the platform that boasts of more
than a billion people.

Do you have the spending capacity?

Like I mentioned above, not all ads are going to work and you may end spending more money
than you imagined before you find the formula that works for your business.
You would want to start will a small budget while still experimenting, but you might have to
experiment with different audiences, placements and creatives before you zero it on the ad
that gets you the best return on investment.

And when you want to scale, you will have to shell out more money, which eventually you will
make back, but in the beginning, it is going to be a big expense.

If you have the capacity and budget to spend on ads, then Facebook Ads are a great option for
your business, especially helpful when you are looking to scale.

Do you have a system to manage the leads?

A successful Facebook ad to result in a bucket load of leads coming your way. Do you have the
systems and automations in place to be able to handle these leads?

No matter how good your ad is, there’s no point getting leads when you can’t handle them.
You should have a clear plan about the kinds of ads you are going to run for people different
levels in their customer journey and you should also have automation such as email sequences,
welcomes messages, delivery of lead magnets, landing page setup etc. in place before you
actually go into the interface and create your first ad.

Once the Facebook Ad is live, it works by itself, so you got to make sure things are in place
before you hit confirm on your ad.

Are you okay with trolls and hate messages?

No one can escape from these. I have even seen ads of non-profit businesses have hate
comments on them. There are going to be people who don’t agree with you, who don’t believe
what you have to say, who think you are a scam and your Facebook ad is the perfect place for
them to show their dislike for you and your business.

And that is okay. You are not here to make everyone happy. You are here to run a business,
help people who trust you and make sales. Period.
So, if you are okay with all the trolls that you will probably receive on your ad, you are ready to
run ads for your business.

Do you have the time to provide consistent value?

If you are using Facebook ads for leads, it is important that you consistently provide value to
convert those leads into sales. Value could be in the form of blog posts, Facebook lives,
YouTube videos or just emails, but you should make sure that you are consistently in touch with
your audience and building relationships with them on the way.
There is no point running well- converting Facebook ads when you are not ready to leverage all
the leads and engagement you get from the ads.

Facebook ads make people aware that your brand exists, providing a lot of free value is what
helps to build a community and acquire long term customers.
The end goal of Facebook ads is to increase sales and in turn, revenue, and this can only be
achieved once you have a system in place to provide consistent and continuous information-
filled content.

Answer these questions and decide whether Facebook Ads are the right option for you.
More often than not, they will be!

If you have any questions related to Facebook ads, just send me an email at

Until next time!

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