digital marketing freelancer in 2020

How To Become A Digital Marketing Freelancer in 2020

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If you’ve been looking to become a digital marketing freelancer, but don’t really know how or where to get started, you’re in the right place because in this blog post I am going to give you steps to start a digital marketing side-hustle. These are the exact steps that I used to six thousand dollars in the first forty-five days of my business without having any experience, without having any network and starting from scratch. 


Step 1: Decide your Niche:


The digital marketing space is huge. There are many services you can offer. Social media management, paid ads, content creation and management, marketing technology ( my favorite) and more.

So before you get started, you need to decide what kind of services you want to offer to your clients. What kind of services are you more comfortable with? Do you have some experience or is there something you really like doing? 

A lot of courses out there teach you how to start a Facebook ads agency, or how to become a virtual assistant.

But the thing is, social media guidelines are constantly changing so much that it becomes really important to learn the skills that are kind of tangible or that are more useful to businesses and that doesn’t change on a weekly or monthly basis. 

So my suggestion would be to learn marketing tech services like email automation, project management, CRM tools  implementation. You learn the tool and then you help your client implement that tool for them. And that way you don’t even need to charge only for your services since you are offering them a tangible return on their investment.

You can instead charge based on packages, which is really great.


Step 2: Decide on your target audience:


 The second thing you need to do once you decide on your niche is to decide on your target audience.

Now, when you’re just starting out, you might not know who you want to work with. 

 You might want to work with e-commerce stores or you might want to work with online coaches and consultants or you might want to work with local businesses. So I know it gets difficult when you have to decide who you want to work with, but I’d suggest starting at one place and then, you know, deciding if you’re liking working with those kinds of clients or not and really experimenting.

But the thing is, when you’re getting started, you need to focus on one target audience so that you can provide them with a value, the right career. Also, you can create content around that target audience so that you can get clients using inbound marketing nature, creating content, providing value, all of those things.

But you don’t necessarily have to stick with one target audience. You can always switch if you feel that you’re not comfortable with a particular line or if you feel that that audience does not have the money to pay you for your services.



Step 3: Build Your Brand:


The third step is to start building your brand right at the beginning.

By building a brand, I don’t mean to have a logo or  have a website.. I did not have a website when I got started. I’ve changed my logo so many times over the years.. By building a brand, what I mean is build your story. Your story is your brand.

Answering questions like why did you start an online business, What is your mission, What’s your vision for your business, What’s your backstory – will help you build your brand.

Try to inspire people with your story. I know digital marketing can become really a boring field. Or you might be like, I don’t have a story to share. I’m just like a regular person, a normal guy or girl out there. You might be wondering what story you have to share.

But, there is some driving factor that leads to your decision to start a business. And that driving factor is your story, because not everyone out there has the courage to go out there, put themselves online and start a business. It takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of determination.

It takes a lot of consistency. So your story matters and that is what makes your clients want to work with you. Of course, they want you to know, you do implementation and services for them, but they are going to connect with you as a brand.

So make sure you are working on telling your story and sharing your own experiences. 

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Step 4: Start creating content:


The fourth thing is to start creating content and providing value to your audience. So you can choose a social media platform or you can decide to start a blog or a YouTube channel. Having a blog or a YouTube channel is a more of a long term strategy because it takes time to generate traffic on your videos and your blog. But you can definitely start out with social media.

You can use LinkedIn,  Facebook or Instagram to build your brand and provide good, valuable content so that you can build the trust and authority in front of your audience so that they’re ready to buy from you and ready to work with you.

Creating content is one of the most important parts of starting an online business, because until you put yourself out there and put out content that provides value to your audience, your audience won’t know that you have the skills.

They won’t trust you. They will not know that you have the skills and the experience or even, you know, the willingness to work with them and help them. 

It is really important to start creating content. You can go to other Facebook groups, you can answer people’s questions, you can connect with them, try to build a relationship with your audience before you’ve tried to sell it to them. 

Step 5: Provide free consultation calls:


 I know it sounds really intimidating and overwhelming to get on a call with someone on a video call or zoom or some other software when you’re trying to provide them value.

For me, I was really scared of it because I thought I had a really weird accent. I’m originally from India and based in the US now, but I was always scared of my accent.

My experience tells me that my clients and students work with me because they love the value I shared. Your accent or your personality is your uniqueness and your clients appreciate that.

 It’s also really important to start building a relationship with your audience, especially initially when you’re just getting the word out there. When you’re just starting to work with clients.


Step 6: Deliver what you promised:


Once someone has paid you for your services, it is important to deliver on the promise. 

Even if you don’t have any experience, even if you are still learning things, you want to make sure you’re putting in the effort to provide the right kind of services to your clients so that they can then refer you to their colleagues and their friends and they can give you testimonials that can help your business.

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Step 7: Repeat steps 3 to 6 everyday:


The last thing is showing up consistently, every day. 

There are some things that you should be doing daily, like creating content, providing value, trying to get on calls and delivering really good services. And once you start doing this consistently, all of this effort that you’re taking and the quantity you’re putting out compounds and people start following you. They start seeing you as an authority in your field.

They start trusting you. So make sure you put yourself out there, and just go for it. Don’t think too much. Just select a service, select a target audience and start creating content. 

Providing value and start offering free consultations. 

These are the exact steps I took to start from scratch and still be able to make $6000 in the first 45 days of my business.


If you are ready to learn more, join the free training where I share the 3 big tips that helped me start a digital marketing side-hustle as a freelancer and how you can use these same steps to get started today.

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  1. First of all thanks Shweta for writing such an article. for the past 3 yrs I have been dependent on PPC. It was only during this lockdown that I got time and started working on this. from the very first day of lockdown I have been practicing this.
    The whole course material here is following the bloggers and trying to practice their suggestions.
    So following biran dean shoutmeloud and you all..

    Thanks ..
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