How to get started with Facebook messenger bots for your small business

Before we get into the HOW, let’s talk about what a Facebook messenger bot really is.


It is basically a software that lets you communicate with your customers and leads inside of the Facebook messenger. Think of it like Email Marketing, only a lot quicker. As business owners we are always looking to get people’s attention and get qualified leads so that we don’t waste time on leads that are most likely not going to convert to buyers. 


A Facebook messenger bot helps do just that! 


Here are the reasons why now is the best time to start using messenger bots in your business:


  1.  Facebook messenger currently has 7 billion active users 7 billion people! Your target market is on Facebook messenger right now.
  2.  By asking the right questions and providing relevant solutions almost instantly and on AUTOPILOT, a Facebook messenger bot can help you better qualify leads and when you are ready to sell your offer, they are ready to buy from you. 
  3. Email marketing is not the thing of the past and messenger bots are not going to replace email marketing. But with email open rates going down at a significant rate and messenger bots seeing open rates as high as 100%, Facebook messenger bots would work as a great complement to email marketing.
  4. The biggest opportunity with messenger bots right now is the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Not all businesses have jumped onto the bot bandwagon and THIS is your chance. Let’s look at a scenario. Imagine you are a business coach selling a high-ticket mastermind. 


Now consider that a prospect lands on your competitor’s landing page, they go through the sales copy and have a few questions. They send an email to your competitor asking questions about the package. It’s been a couple of hours but they haven’t heard back. 


The prospect is kind of desperate and starts looking for other options. They find you and land on your sales page. They have questions, of course, it is a huge investment, but your sales page has a link to your Facebook messenger bot. 


They click on it and your bot interacts with them, providing relevant answers to their questions. They have got their answers and they are convinced that your mastermind is the right fit for them, and VOILA! You just got a sale, on autopilot. 


With Facebook messenger bots you will never lose a sale again, because your bot will be your virtual assistant, 24/7! 


Also, with it becoming extremely difficult to get organic engagement on your Facebook page and email being more competitive than ever, Facebook messenger bots is becoming the go-to lead generation platform. 


Sooner or later, you are bound to implement bots so why not beat your competition by implementing it now? 


A Facebook messenger bot can help you:

  • Build a personal relationship with your prospect 
  • Qualify your leads 
  • Gain insights by surveying them 
  • Increase engagement 
  • Segment your prospects 
  • Automatically answer FAQs 
  • Provide them information about your products/services 
  • Book clients on autopilot 
  • Collect payments 
  • Be available for your community 
  • Create and share valuable content 
  • Answer EVERY message you receive on Facebook


What is a Facebook messenger bot funnel?

A sales funnel is the depiction of a customer’s journey from becoming aware of your brand to becoming a lifelong customer. Email marketing plays a very important role in a funnel, by warming up cold leads and selling to hot leads.


A funnel looks something like this:

According to a research by App Annie, email is effectively dying. Those aged 13 to 24 spend more than double the time on messaging apps than emails. Messaging apps are developing into full-fledged interactive platforms.


You might not even have to download apps on your phone in the future, everything will be available in messenger bots!


So how would a Facebook messenger marketing funnel look like?


  1. Brand Awareness


Get people to subscribe to your bot using the following:


  • Landing page opt-in


  • Content upgrades


  • Facebook post comments


  • Facebook messenger ads


  1. Lead Generation


Deliver your lead magnet right into the Facebook messenger


Ask the prospects whether they would like reminders for your webinars/bots and if yes, set it up for them


Be up front about the automation being a bot and not a human and start building a relationship


  1. Nurture


Here is where the MAGIC happens!


Share videos, GIFs and articles that are interesting and relevant


Ask your prospect questions with multiple choice answers and provide them with valuable content relevant to their answers. Give them choices so that they don’t have to think too much


Survey your prospects and segment them based on their interests. Integrate Facebook messenger into multi-touch marketing campaigns. QUALIFY your leads so that your bot list consists of exactly those people who you know will buy from you


  1. Sell


  • Automatically answer any FAQs that your prospects might have. 
  • Provide virtual support, on AUTOPILOT
  • Sell to your qualified leads, who are ready to buy from you
  • Accept payments inside the messenger
  • Create customized offers based on your leads’ answers
  • Send them through upsell sequences


  1. Build a community


-Ask your customers and fans to share your bot using the messenger link


-Be there for your tribe, 24/7


-Send broadcasts specifically to your community

Marketing strategies change, and as business owners and marketers, it is important to be early adopters of the latest strategies.  


Facebook messenger bots are a great complement to what’s already working for you, whether it is email, Facebook groups or any other social platform.


How to implement bots in your business:


Let’s look at the ways you can implement messenger bots as a complement to your marketing strategies:


  1. Landing page & website integration


You can offer people a hustle free opt-in process which does not require them to provide their email address. With a single click, they can opt-in to your bot and receive the lead magnet directly in their Facebook messenger. Like landing page integration, you can use messenger bots with your content upgrades.


This is a sure shot way to boost conversion rates.


  1. Auto-reply on Facebook Comments


This feature subscribes anyone who comments on a specific (or all) posts on your Facebook page.


For example, you can do a Facebook live or ask a question in a Facebook post and let people know that if they comment on the post with a specific (or any) comment (for example, “Yes”), you will send them the lead magnet or the answer directly to their Facebook messenger.


And guess what? You can then run boost post ads to this Facebook post to multiply engagement!



  1. Facebook messenger as a destination


You can hook up a messenger bot to an ad. These ads are shown in the newsfeed and open inside the messenger (instead of a landing page).


These ads look like normal Facebook ads and you can target anyone using these ads.


These ads are PERFECT for retargeting. They provide people with an extra touch point to get to know your brand better. You can give people a platform to ask questions, overcome their doubts and then eventually, buy from you.


  1. Bot subscriber list


People who have interacted with your messenger bot are now a part of your bot subscriber list. You can either guide them to a landing page to get them to become your email subscribers or you can build your bot subscriber list and nurture your list with the use of Facebook messenger.


  1. Lead Generation Funnel


You can create an entire lead generation funnel inside with messenger bots, including the landing page, lead magnet delivery and a follow-up sequence. You can use this to either build your bot subscriber list or even validate your product/ service idea. 


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I use Manychat to create messenger bots for myself and my clients. It is an easy to use software with a small learning curve and they are actively working with Facebook to become better and provide a smooth customer experience.


The basic plan for Manychat is free, the pro plan starts at $10/ month. You can go through my free messenger bots course here, to get started with building your first bot.


Have you tried bots for your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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