9 FREE Ways To Grow Your Online Presence ( that do not include Social Media)



Are you struggling to be active on social media all the time?


Are you burned out because of all your social media marketing efforts?


Maybe it is time for a break!


Try out these 19 other FREE ways to grow your online presence, and thank me later 😉


These strategies will work whether you have a blog, a Youtube channel, a Facebook group or any other content headquarters.

Let’s get into the list:


1. Reach out and write guest posts


This one is an all time favorite. Guest posts not only give you exposure to a huge audience for free, but they also help with backlink opportunities that can be very beneficial when you are just starting out and looking to grow your blog traffic and audience fast.


Pro Tip: Before you reach out for a guest post, try building a meaningful relationship with the blog editor over twitter, email or by leaving genuine comments on their articles.



2. Answer Questions on Quora


Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask questions and get answers.

Quora is a great way to be found.

All you have to do is search the site for relevant questions, and leave detailed, meaningful answers.

You can also link back to your blog or website, but you must know that these are nofollow links, meaning these won’t count as backlinks.

But if you do leave great answers with your unique view, you will see traffic coming in to your website through Quora.

I know of people who have landed corporate consulting gigs just by spending their time posting relevant, genuine answers to questions on Quora


Pro tip: Look for questions that already have some answers and several views. These questions could be a gold mine.


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3. Create a free course on Udemy


Udemy is a great platform that you can leverage to get more email subscribers and more eyes on your business and brand.

You can create a free course on Udemy on a relevant topic that leads into your funnel and then take people through an email sequence, eventually selling a paid offer.

People generally go to Udemy to get access to cheap and affordable courses so before you go ahead and create a course, you want to make sure that your audience is looking through Udemy.


Pro tip: You might want to sell a low-cost product to this audience through your funnel. These people are on Udemy meaning they are probably not the best audience for a high ticket offer.


4. Write a book and publish on Kindle


Getting published on Kindle is easy.

In fact you can do it over a weekend.

Write a book around a subject you are an expert at, and that has enough demand ( You can check this out by using the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension and doing a simple keyword research on Google).

Set up an account on Kindle Publishing, publish the book, and give it away for free.

There are tons of people looking for free Kindle books, you will be able to get a lot of eyes on your website or even Youtube channel.

You can share a link to your lead magnet inside the book to give the readers a bonus, and they can then be added to your funnel.

Check out this detailed article on Kindle Publishing.


Pro-tip: Have a series of articles or videos you have posted on a specific topic? Convert that into an ebook and you are ready to get published on Kindle.


This is a great way to grow your online presence on autopilot.


5. Create free trainings for others courses/ membership site


Know someone who has a kickass course or membership site?

Reach out to them and offer them a value packed training on your expertise, that they can add to their course or membership site for free. Expect nothing in return.

If your training is good enough, people will start noticing you and searching for you online.

An easy way to get people back to your website and onto your own funnel.


Pro tip: Reach out to those who have a similar audience as yours. This will help you pre-qualify your leads.


6. Be the best case study


Bought a course by an authority in your space?

Take action on the course and become their best case study.

Then reach out to them with a video testimonial and build a meaningful relationship.

That testimonial will most likely end up on their website, giving you the opportunity to be in front of a huge audience.

And the added advantage of being around someone who is where you want to be.


Pro-tip: I sometimes purchase courses from people I really look up just so that I can build a relationship with them and be their best case study. You do not spend that money only for the course, you are also spending it on the person behind that course.


7. Become known for ONE thing


That person who is always tagged when someone asks for Facebook ads expert recommendations?

What about that person who gets word of mouth referrals all the time because she is that good at branding?

These people have really worked hard to get great at one thing. Hard enough that they are on top of mind for their respective expertise.

So how do you do this?

You become the best at one thing, and become known for it.

Once you do this, your work with do your marketing for you.


Pro-tip: Choose the one thing for one market. This can change the game for you. For example, Facebook ads expert for e-commerce.


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8. Join relevant Slack groups


Did you know there are thousands of free Slack groups on every available topic?

You could join Slack groups that are in your niche or ones where your ideal audience hangs out and provide a lot of value.

Enough value that people reach out to you and ask what you have to offer.

These groups can also help you build meaningful relationships with your ideal audience.

You can check out the list of Slack groups at https://standuply.com/slack-chat-groups


Pro-tip: Create a Slack channel for your Facebook group audience. This is THE place to get to know them better and really help them with their struggles.


9. Get active on HARO


Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO is an online platform that acts as a source for stories for media publications (traditional and online).

If you are chosen as a source, you have the opportunity to mention your brand and blog as part of the information you provide.

HARO sends out 3 emails every weekday that give you a list of different media outlets that are looking for specific stories.

All you have to do is write your story reply to their message on the email address provided.


Pro-tip: If you are really looking to get published often, you might want to check out the paid version where HARO sends you a relevant list prior to it being released to the entire email list, increasing the chances of your story getting published.


Know of more ways to grow your online presence that do not involve social media?


Let me know in the comments below.


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