How To Get Your First Client Using Facebook Groups

When I started my business as an online service provider in December 2017, I did not really know how I was going to get my first client. It is possible that you are, where I was. Or maybe you did have a couple of clients in the past but don’t know how to get your next client.

In this post, I am going to be talking about the exact steps I took to get my first 5 clients using Facebook groups. This helped me make $6000 in the first 45 days of my business, and I was able to build my email list to 500+ subscribers during that same time.

I first came across Facebook groups when I came across Julie Stoian’s content. I joined her group and realized that Facebook groups were a big networking opportunity for anyone looking to offer services to business owners or even for validating a product idea.

After that, I joined some more groups and eventually pitched my offer for the first time as part of a promo thread in Julie Stoian’s Living The Laptop Life group. My first ever client was from there and that was the first step in my journey as an entrepreneur.

I eventually started using Facebook groups to not only get clients, but also test out my content, build relationships and network with fellow entrepreneurs. This resulted in me getting clients, referrals, interview opportunities and I also met some amazing people who become close friends.

Here is the process that I used and you can to, to get your first ( or next) client from Facebook groups.

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Before you start looking for clients in Facebook groups, get really really clear on who your product/ service is targeted towards. You also what to decide, at what price point are you willing to sell this for. The other thing you want to really clear about is, what is the one main benefit they will get from this.

For example, the service I was offering was Facebook ads. My target audience was 5 figure entrepreneurs who are looking to scale to 6 figures using Facebook ads. The main benefit for them would be to reach a much bigger audience and scale their business. My price point for this service was $500- $1500. This meant I was only going to target entrepreneurs who were ready to invest in a Facebook ads expert AND Facebook ads spend.

Once you are clear about these main points, it becomes easier to decide on which Facebook groups you want to be active in, in order to reach the right audience.


Once you are clear about your target audience, it is time to choose 3-5 groups to focus on. Get my free PDF below, that contains a list of the 10 groups that got me my first 12 clients.

Another way to look for relevant groups is to type your topic in Facebook search bar and look under the groups tab. When looking to choose groups remember that although it is good to select groups that have a lot of members, selecting groups that are more engaged is most important.

Once you have selected the 3-5 groups you will be engaging in, it is time to craft your introduction.

In your introduction, you want to talk about your story, your experiences in your field of expertise, or how you got started and what you offer, without actually trying to sell anything. Even if you are a complete newbie, you want to be honest, although you don’t want to sound nervous or under-confident in your first post ( or any post for that matter). Even if you are sharing a struggle, share it confidently 🙂


Once you have introduced yourself, it is now time to start providing value.

Providing value comes down to 2 main kinds of posts:

a. Skill or Knowledge based posts: These kinds of posts mainly talk about one specific topic related to your offer. For example, 3 things you should keep in mind while running Facebook ads. You can use these posts to show off your expertise. These posts will help you build the know, like and trust factor with your audience in these Facebook groups.

b. Case Studies or Testimonials: Since we are talking about getting your first client, you might not have testimonials yet, but you can share others’ case studies to prove your point about your offer being needed by your target audience.

For example, I could find a successful case study on Facebook ads and share that in the Facebook group. I could also share a failed example and talk about how it is necessary to hire an expert when trying to run Facebook ads for your business.

Make sure that you are posting content at least twice everyday in the 3-5 Facebook groups that you are focusing on. This will help drive more engagement to your content.

You don’t always need to post long form content to drive engagement. You could also ask questions in the group, conduct a poll or share a funny incident/ motivational quote.

c. Building a list: The other way to share content in groups is to share your freebie/ lead magnet, that will not only help you provide valuable content to your audience and build the know, like and trust factor; it will also help you start building your email list.

The below screenshot if from one the groups where I shared my lead magnet. It received a great response and this also helped me build my authority in the group.

Based on this response, I decided to run a free Facebook ads masterclass. That got a huge response as well.

You can read this post to help you create your lead magnet.

This not only helped me because an authority in this group, when it came to Facebook ads and eventually get clients and referrals, it also helped me build my email list real fast.

Now, not all groups allow these promos, but most groups have dedicated threads that allow you to promote your freebies and offers. Also, if you are sharing value in groups and your target audience is loving what you are sharing, they are bound to follow you.


The other trick that really helped me get clients fast, was getting involved in conversations and replying to posts where people were asking questions relevant to my topic. One of my first clients hired me after I wrote a 300+ word reply to her post in a facebook group. She was asking a question about Facebook/Instagram ads. My response really impressed her, and the fact that I actually took the effort to write a detailed response. We took the conversation inside of messenger, and she ended up hiring me!

You can spend 30 minutes a day searching your relevant Facebook groups was questions related to your niche, and answering them in detail.


You have built the know, like and trust factor with your audience using your content, it is now time to take it a step further.

Like I previously mentioned, if your target audience finds value in your content, they are going to end up following you. You want to reach out to them via messenger, but not with the intention of selling. You want to get to know them better. This will help you get a better understanding of their pain points. It will also give you the confidence to talk to your target audience in a way that does not come across as sleazy.

When you start building relationships with people who follow you, even though they might not hire you, they will definitely refer you.

This is the simple process that you can use to start getting clients today.

What has been your experience with Facebook groups? Let me know in comments below!




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