How To Overcome Self-Doubt As A New Entrepreneur

So you posted your first blog post or your first social media post declaring you are open for business.


What next?

I always talk about how Entrepreneurship is a crash course in personal development and it’s true, every negative emotion is going to come knocking at your door as soon as you start your entrepreneurial journey.

I faced a lot of self-doubt in my early days as an entrepreneur and I know a bunch of new business owners who are going through the same phase.

In this post I want to take you through some strategies and small changes that you can make today, to help you ease your way into this new journey called entrepreneurship.

Let’s get into it.

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1. Start your morning right

I am not talking about setting up a complicated morning routine here.

I am talking about creating a habit that helps you start your day on the right foot.

For example, the first thing I do every morning is listen to Amanda Frances while prepping coffee. I then meditate and visualize for 10 minutes before starting my day.

I know this is not a glamorous morning routine but it is perfect for this since it helps me start my morning right.

Choose something that works for you and stick with it until it becomes a habit.

Starting your morning right can have a big impact on how much you get done, which then motivates you and helps get over self-doubt.


believe in yourself as a new entrepreneur

2. Set intentions

If you are wondering how to overcome self-doubt, setting intentions might just do the trick.

This is simple but very powerful practice where you set intentions for your day the night before.

For example, I have my weekly plan set-up. I am going to blog thrice, record 2 videos, schedule emails and go live in my Facebook group once.

I know this is my week’s schedule but until I don’t set an intention of completing some of those tasks in a day, I will never be able to get through them.

Those tasks seem a lot but when I split them over the week, they become more achievable.

Setting achievable targets for each day will help you keep focused on the task at hand, and checking off tasks from your list will help you feel more confident, in turn helping with your self-doubt feelings.


3. DO more than you learn

If there’s one advice I could give you today, it would be TAKE ACTION.

As new entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in learning the different traffic channels, learning how to perfect our sales pitch etc. that we sometimes forget to take action.

Bushra Azhar says money loves speed, and the more time you spend on trying to learn new things, the more money you are leaving on the table.

Let’s talk about Just in time learning.

The best way to ensure that you are really moving the needle forward in your business is to learn something right before you are about to implement it, also known as just in time learning.

You learn it, only when you need it.

Why would you try to learn Facebook ads when you know you are not going to use them in the near future?


4. Join a community of like minded individuals

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road. Those who are not on this path and less likely to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling.

For this reason, it is important to join a community that feels like home in the business world.

There are tons of communities in the online space, free and paid, but I have realised joining paid communities helps because you know that those joining these communities are serious about their business and about being around similar people.

And that is what you need in the online space, especially when you are just starting out and cannot afford to hire a coach or a team.

I am a part of Own It, Crush It VIP, Becky Mollemkamp’s paid online community, and I have only great things to say about this online space. Becky is an amazing soul and a thoughtful leader.

She has created a space that has helped me through some of the toughest times in my business. I have meant amazing ladies who I am blessed to call friends.

And that is what you need in the online space, especially when you are just starting out and cannot afford to hire a coach or a team.

Own It, Crush It VIP consists of:

→ Co-working sessions

→ A resource library with exclusive content

→ Hot seats

→ Planning sessions

→ A true community where you learn from each other and lift each other up.


5. Be open to change

The first few years as an entrepreneur are all about testing and experimenting.

If something doesn’t work, try harder.

Still not working? Tweak it, test it, optimize it.

Don’t get hung up on a idea and be bogged down by it failing.

Entrepreneurship is all about improvising.

Be flexible and be open to new ideas.

You have taken that first step, which is the hardest.

It gets easier and you start believing in yourself more and more.

Trust the process.

6. Stop beating yourself up

Couldn’t find the time to post on Facebook over the weekend?

That’s okay.

Your business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Stop beating yourself up and doubting yourself for the things you couldn’t accomplish.

Focus on building a lean business, by working on 20% of the tasks that have 80% of the impact.

If you think you don’t have enough time to work on your business because of a full-time job, family or other commitments, check out my blog post on How to find the time to work on your business even if you are super busy.


7. Share your journey

Even if you are new, you are getting better each day. Share your journey with your audience.

Russell Brunson, in his free book, Expert Secrets, talks about the attractive character. You can be an attractive character for your audience by sharing your learnings and experiences while on your journey.

Your ideal audience is those who are just a couple of steps behind you in their journey.

They would love to hear from you and learn about what the next steps should be, for them.

Your story is important, share it.

By opening sharing your story, you are kicking your self-doubt in the butt.


Join my free Facebook community to meet and learn from entrepreneurs just like you.

Our main focus for the group is affiliate marketing, but we also talk a lot about traffic strategies, email marketing and building a sustainable business.

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    1. It’s true, I probably don’t express it enough, but OICIVIP has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Thank you Becky!

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