monetize blog with a service

How to monetize your blog with a service

Monetizing your blog with a service is the easiest way to make money with your blog, no matter if you are a new blogger or if you’ve been at it for a while.


monetize your blog with a service

Now I am not saying that you have to offer services on your blog forever. You can if you want to. But you don’t need to.


You can start by offering services and stop whenever you feel you are making enough money from other revenue sources such as ads, affiliate marketing, digital products etc.


If you are here, I am assuming you either already have a blog, or are looking to start one.


The strategies I am sharing in this post work even if you don’t have a blog, although a blog will definitely help you get more eyes on your services.

Let’s dive into it.


Here’s how I got my first 3 clients



What is a service?


First of all, when I talk about a service, it could be anything that is time-intensive on your end and has a high perceived value for the person buying the service.


Some examples of services are coaching, consulting, done for you services like Pinterest management, audits – for example, SEO audits, strategy sessions etc.


How do you get started?


When choosing to monetize your blog with a service, the first question to answer is, “What kind of service do you want to provide on your blog?


You can make this choice based on your past experiences, your skillset, your knowledge, or maybe something you learned and got really good at while setting up your own blog.


For example, I am a blogging and marketing nerd, but I really dislike learning about Pinterest strategies and setting things up in Tailwind, so I might decide to outsource this to an expert.


Let’s say I land on your blog and see that you have used Pinterest and increased your website traffic for yourself as well as others. I think this is great and I decide to reach out to you to hire you for your Pinterest services.


EllDuclos services



You get my point?


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When you are first starting to offer a service on your blog, it is important to choose one thing to offer and convey it very clearly on your blog. 


Once you are seen as an expert in that particular service, you can then add other services to your portfolio.


The easiest way to decide what service to offer is to choose something that you have already done well for yourself. Some examples could be SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads, dating, marriage, kids, health, nutrition etc.


Choose the format for your service


Once you decide what service you want to offer to monetize your blog, it is time to decide what format you want to offer the service.


Depending on your service, you could offer a monthly package, a weekly package, a 60 minute call, a delivery based package (example – A 7 email welcome sequence written for your client), an audit report etc.


If you are offering blog coaching services for example, a 60 minute strategy call, or a 1 month package would work well.


If you decide to offer Pinterest management services, a monthly package would work well.


If you are offering audits – whether its a blog audit, a social media platform audit, an SEO audit, etc. an audit report along with a video would work well.


Choose a price for your service


Depending on your expertise and experience you can charge either hourly or as a packaged service.


I generally advice my students to not charge hourly except when they are offering one off strategy calls or brainstorming sessions.


You should charge for your services based on the value and impact you are providing for your clients rather than how much time it takes for you to complete the task.


For example, when I first started working as a freelancer and was providing messenger bot funnel setup services, I used to charge $1500 for 5-7 hours of work because I knew the strategies and set up I was providing to my clients would help them make thousands of dollars in the near future.


Now, if you are not confident about your services, you can start by pricing low, but once you work with 2-3 clients and help them get results, you should be raising your pricing.


You can also look at others providing similar services as yours and see what they charge, and you can charge accordingly.



The tools needed to get started:


All of the tools I mention here are free to get started with.


1. Acuity Scheduling : You will need an acuity scheduling account so that people can book a call with you to talk about your services.


When you are just getting started and don’t have as many results to show, it is best to get on a 15-20 minute call with a lead. This way, you can have a conversation around how you can help them.




2. Hellosign: You can create a free hellosign account to send out contracts that will be signed by both you and your client. 


By having a contract stating clearly the services you will be delivering, you avoid any miscommunication with your client.




3. Paypal: If you don’t use a CRM like Dubsado and you are just getting started, you can use Paypal to send invoices to your clients.


4. Zoom : Zoom is the video conferencing software that you will use for getting on calls with clients.


The Work with me page:


The work with me page on your blog lists out all the services you offer.


You can have a link to your acuity scheduler or you can embed it on your work with me page so that those interested in your services can book a call with you.


If you don’t have a blog yet, you can send people directly to your acuity scheduling link for them to book a call with you.


I truly believe that offering a service on your blog really helps you speed up your blog growth because you start making money quickly. You can then re-invest this money to grow your blog even further.


If you have any questions about monetizing your blog with a service, I would love to answer them.



Post them in the comments below.