way to monetize your blog

17 ways to monetize a blog

You started a blog, awesome.

Now it’s time to work towards monetizing your blog.


It’s true, most bloggers start a blog with the goal of monetizing their blog, but very few actually start with a plan in place.


monetize your blog


In this post, I talk about a ton of ways you can monetize your blog from advertising to selling services and more.

The best way to grow is to choose one monetization method, set it up and then move to the next.


Let’s look at some of the ways you can start monetizing your blog:



Sell Services to monetize your blog


Selling services is by far the fastest way to monetize your blog.


You might find this helpful : Monetizing your blog with a service


The reason being, you would charge at least $20/ hour for your services, that means you need far less clients to make the same amount of money you’d make if you were selling a $7 ebook.


Which also means you need far less traffic to start monetizing your blog.


Pros : You can get started fast, and don’t need a ton of traffic to start making money

Cons: Requires skills and a time commitment

Difficulty: 3/10

Tools needed: A Paypal button on the sales page is probably the easiest way to get started.

                         Acuity scheduling for booking calls



Here are some of the services you can sell:



1. Coaching


You don’t need to be certified in order to sell coaching services.


Yes you don’t want to scam people, but you can help others even if you are just one step ahead of them. 


For example, you started a blog and have 2000 visitors a month on your blog.


That is a lot for someone who is just starting out.


So you could sell blog coaching services to new bloggers to help them reach where you are.


You could also sell coaching services based on your work experience or something you have achieved yourself.



2. Done For Your Service


Done for you services are my favorite type of services to offer, especially when you are just getting started.


When I first started my business, I offered Facebook ads services to online business owners because that was something I was doing as part of my job, so I knew that I had the expertise needed to help small businesses.


Maybe you are great at Pinterest, or SEO, or setting up a WordPress blog. Maybe you are really good at creating conversations on Facebook through your content. You could offer all of these as done for you services.


If you are just getting started and don’t know what services to offer, I’d highly recommend learning a marketing tool like Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Active campaign etc. and becoming an expert at that one tool. These services are in high demand, and you can charge upwards of $1500 per project for these services.



3. Power Hour


A power hour is a one hour session similar to a coaching service but limited to an hour where you could help someone achieve one specific thing. 


For example, if you sell Pinterest services, in a power hour, you could walk someone through weekly pin scheduling.


If you sell WordPress services, a power hour could be a “done with you” offer where you could help someone set up their WordPress website foundation.


Power hours can be sold as a strategy session, a “done with you” service, or even a one-off coaching session.



4. Audits


Similar to power hours, you can also sell audits on your blog.


You don’t need to get on a call with anyone, instead you perform the audit and then send them a recorded video or a detailed report.


You can sell audits for social media accounts, blogs, SEO, sales funnels, email marketing, basically any type of service or expertise you have.



5. Sell A Group Program


A group program is when, instead of coaching one person, you are coaching a group of people.


It is a hybrid of a course and coaching.


A course is more DIY, whereas coaching is generally 1:1.


A group program is a 1: many experience and is a great way to scale your coaching offer, but also charge more than you would for a course.



Sell Advertising space to monetize your blog



Most people start a blog with the goal of getting enough traffic to be able to sell advertising space on their blog.

According to me, ad income is great, but it should not be the sole monetization strategy for your blog, because it is dependent on external factors such as the ad network guidelines, the ads themselves etc. 


Pros : Fairly passive revenue

Cons: Very dependent on traffic

Difficulty: 1/10

Tools needed: Setting up with an ads network 


6. Display Ads


There are various different ad networks to start with when choosing advertising as a monetization method for your blog.


The easiest one to get started with is Google Adsense, although it pays way less than some other networks like Mediavine.


Mediavine needs you to have 25k sessions per month in order to qualify.



7. Sponsored Posts


Sponsored posts are a kind of advertising where you are collaborating with a brand or a company and giving them exposure through your blog.


Sponsored posts largely depend on how much traffic your blog gets, and how big your audience is.



8. Sell Digital Products


Pros : Passive revenue using automated funnels

Cons: Requires an initial time commitment. Also requires enough traffic

Difficulty: 6/10

Tools needed: An email sequence and a sales page, to get people on your email list, provide them value and then sell to them.



Selling digital products like ebooks, masterclasses, courses, etc. is a great way to monetize your blog.


Digital products require an initial time commitment, but they work as an asset which means once they are ready, all you have to do is promote them, and they can bring you money on autopilot for years to come.


You can start creating your first digital product as soon as today, why wait when there are already people out there looking to learn what you have to offer.



9. Sell Physical Products


Pros : Passive revenue using automated funnels

Cons: Requires a lot of initial research and setup and ongoing support

Difficulty: 9/10

Tools needed: A way to manufacture, sell and deliver products 


Adding a physical product store, like an e-commerce store to your blog is a great way to grow your business and brand in the long term.


Although it takes more time and investment to get started, it can be a great way to monetize your blog.


You can set up your store on Etsy or have your own Shopify store and link your blog to it to drive traffic.


It is important to make sure that your audience for physical products is similar to your blog readers.



10. Affiliate Marketing



Pros : Easy to get started

Cons: Initial research to find affiliate programs

Difficulty: 2/10

Tools needed: Your affiliate link to share in your blog post. You should add this as a “nofollow” link


Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most sought after blog monetization methods.


Since I work as a marketing tech expert and test and experiment with different software and tools, I am a affiliate for a bunch of these tools.

Google search for finding affiliate programs

The easiest way to find an affiliate program is to Google “affiliate program” along with the name of the program or company you want to promote, and you will be able to find the sign up page for those affiliate programs.


The amazon affiliate program is a great one to get started with.


You can also find other affiliate programs on ShareASale, Clickbank and Commission Junction.



You can also set up affiliate banner ads to promote affiliate programs.


You can also start by promoting some of the courses you have taken yourself and that you found helpful.


I always recommend tools and software that I have personally tried and believe would be a great fit for my readers, and I’d suggest you also promote products or brands that you would personally use yourself.



11. Make commissions by referring others


Another way of monetizing your blog, similar to affiliate marketing is by referring others to your audience.


For example, if you found a great Pinterest expert to outsource your Pinterest management to, why not refer her to your audience and get paid to do so?


Most service providers thrive on referrals and this is a great way to help grow their business wile getting paid for it. 



Other ways to monetize your blog


12. Accept Donations


Donations work well if you have a loyal readership and if your readers truly believe that they are getting value from your blog.


You can’t really depend on donations to make a full-time income from your blog, but you could definitely try.


This Blog Tyrant article has an interesting view about accepting donations on your blog.



13. Run A Virtual Summit


A virtual summit is an online event where you invite experts to share their knowledge on a given topic. You could conduct live interviews or have them re-recorded and share them with your audience over a period of a few days.


You can sell lifetime access to the recordings or a paid course on the topic of the virtual summit, as part of your funnel.


14. Become A Public Speaker


You can use your blog as a platform to become a public speaker.


You can create a page that can be used as your media kit or pitch and have a contact form for people to get in touch with you for speaking opportunities.


You also apply for speaking opportunities and use your blog to showcase your expertise and experience.


15. Host A Podcast


You can start a podcast as an extension of your blog to expand your audience, get sponsors, build relationships with relevant people, as well as sell advertising spots on your podcast.


16. Flip websites


Flipping websites is another way you could monetize your niche blog.


I haven’t tried this, but I found this great article that talks about website flipping.


17. Corporate Consulting


You could also monetize your blog by offering consulting to big corporates.


When corporates hire out consultants, they generally look at the website to make sure the person they are hiring knows about the subject and has enough expertise. Your blog and website is a great way to showcase your expertise and in turn, get hired as a corporate consultant.



I personally focus on 4 monetization methods for my blog, – done for you services, coaching, digital products and affiliate marketing.


The best way to get started with monetizing your blog is to start with one thing – either affiliate marketing or services and then add other sources of revenue as your blog grows.


How do you monetize your blog?


Have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.