validate online course idea

If you’ve been thinking about creating an online course, you probably have a course idea in mind. The best course ideas are specific – they solve a specific problem for a specific person.

If you don’t have a course idea in mind, let’s look at the 3 main categories to determine the best online course idea for you.

The best course ideas are a combination of your passion, your skills and the market demand.


First, let’s talk about passion and skills.


You can start by listing out the following:

  1. Hobbies you are good enough at that you could teach others

  2. Questions people always tell you ask you about your specific skills/ hobbies

  3. Skills you have developed as part of your corporate experience or life experiences

  4. Something you could give a 2 hour speech on

  5. A specific skill that you are much better at than others


Now, you don’t need to answer all these questions but when you start going through these questions, there will be 2-3 topics that stand out for you.


For the purpose of this blog post, let’s say I am really good at Google Analytics and I think I could create a course on that.

A course on Google Analytics” is not very specific so I will go through the market demand research phase in order to make my idea more specific.

Validate an idea for an online course

There are a bunch of ways to figure out whether or not that is demand for your topic idea. I will share a few in this post.


1. Udemy/ Skillshare

The first method to identify market demand is to find similar courses on Udemy or Skillshare and look at the number of courses and students per course.

Research on Udemy
Validation course idea

By looking at the several courses on Google Analytics on Udemy, I can say that this topic does have a lot of demand.

By looking at the comments sections in these courses, I can identify what’s missing from the course and make a note to touch those categories in my own course.

2. Youtube


The next method to identify whether your course idea has high demand, you can go to Youtube and type in your course idea in the search bar.

When you do that, you will get a list of videos and you will also be able to see how recent the top ranking videos are.

By looking at these factors for my course idea, I can clearly see that Google Analytics is an in-demand topic.

3. Amazon

You can perform a similar search on Amazon by searching for books written on your chosen topic.


Based on the results, you will be able to determine whether or not your topic of choice has high market demand.


The differentiator: Your big marketing idea


By going through the research methods, I have determined that Google Analytics is a good topic to create a course on.


But I need to make it more specific.


Based on my past experience and my market research I think that Google Analytics for bloggers will be a good course topic for me, since I know how bloggers work – I am one, and I think it can be really helpful for them.


I also think not a lot of Google Analytics courses are focused on bloggers so my course would stand out in the market.


So I have taken a common course topic – Google Analytics, and added my unique mix to it by focusing on bloggers. I am going to turn it into my big marketing idea by saying “ Learn Google Analytics in a weekend – A course for bloggers”.

So here, I am adding specificity to the course and also saying that you will be able to learn and set up Google Analytics in a weekend.