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What Is A Web Hosting Service?

If you have been thinking about starting a blog or a website, or optimizing one,  understanding the different web hosting services and the best solution for your business is an important first step.


In this post, let’s talk about what web hosting is, the different web hosting services, and review the best web hosting services so you can decide the right one for you.


What is a Web Hosting Service?


Website hosting services providers are companies that provide the services and technologies required for individuals and businesses to create their own websites on the World Wide Web.


Website contents such as images, CSS, and HTML have to be hosted on a server to be visible on the internet.


The best web hosting services allow you to quickly get your website online and keep it running so that the internet users can access it when they type your website domain into their browsers.


Types of web hosting services


Today there are several different levels of web hosting services that offer solutions to website owners and users. Below are the most common types:


#1.Shared web hosting


In this type of web hosting, many websites share resources on a singular server. Every website sharing the server gets a limited amount of resources, depending on their hosting plans. This basic form of web hosting is affordable and the best choice for beginner websites. 


However, shared web hosting has a couple of major drawbacks. First, you cannot customize your environment because making any changes on your site may make other websites change on the same server. Also, shared web hosting sites tend to have slower loading speeds.


 #2.VPS (virtual private server) Hosting


VPS uses virtualization technology to give your website a dedicated resource from a server with multiple users and offers a more stable and secure solution than shared web hosting. VPS hosting is ideal for website owners experiencing medium-level traffic exceeding the limit of the shared hosting plans.


#3.Cloud web hosting


Cloud web hosting provides your website with resources pulled together from several clustered servers. This type of web hosting is a solution for websites experiencing high traffic and outgrown their shared and VPS web hosting provider’s plan.


#4.Dedicated hosting


This type of web hosting is ideal for businesses with a significant amount of web traffic. With dedicated hosting, your website gets services from a specific server.

Dedicated hosting provides the highest level of security, resource allocation, and control. It also has excellent customer service.

However, this web hosting is expensive and requires technical know-how.


How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service


Selecting the right web host provider is important to the success of your website.  However, with hundreds of hosting companies available, choosing the best web hosting service for you to deliver the right performance and support can feel overwhelming.


Never fear. Here we’ll show you the key features to look for to find the best web hosting service to meet your needs.



One of the essential factors to consider while choosing the best web host is the bandwidth allowance. First, you need to evaluate your bandwidth needs and disk space.

If your website features dozens of pages with a lot of videos or images that attract a large amount of traffic, you will need a web hosting service with enough bandwidth allowance and space to meet your needs.

However, if your site is simple and generating less traffic, you can get by with less bandwidth and disk space.



Speed is one of the most important components when it comes to choosing a web hosting service or switching to a new one.

One of the main reasons why we switched from Bluehost to WPX hosting ( apart from the amazing customer service at WPX hosting) was due to the really slow website speed when the website was being hosted on Bluehost.



With so many data breaches and hackers in the online world today, security is paramount to every website owner. Select a web hosting service that prioritizes security issues and updates their servers often.


The best web hosting providers include good user authentication, robust firewalls, and offer affordable security software to enhance your website security.


It is also useful if they send notifications when important configuration changes are made on your site because this will alert you if there is suspicious activity. Ensure your web hosting service provider has prioritized the security features to keep your site safe.


The Cost Involved


There are two prices you need to know when you’re deciding on the best web hosting service for you; the sign-up cost and the renewal expenses. The sign-up fee and the renewal cost. The renewal cost is incurred at regular intervals to allow you to continue using the service.


In most cases, the web hosting service provider offers a big discount when you sign up, but the renewal cost is significantly higher. The best web hosting services providers offer affordable solutions on an on-going basis to meet your web hosting needs.


Add-on Domain Service


When you’re searching the best web hosting service for you, consider whether they allow you to add multiple domains under one hosting account.


WPX hosting pricing


When you have an add-on domain, this feature saves you a ton of time and money if you decide you want to add another website later. Many web hosting service providers allow you to add fifty domain names or more.



Customer Support


The best web hosting services offer top-notch customer service. This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a web hosting service. 


You may encounter various issues with your website from time to time. Choose a company that offers 24/7 customer support and provides a timely solution to any issue.


The easiest way to test this before you choose your web hosting service is to ask them a question to see how quickly and accurately they respond.


Uptime Scores


It is essential to consider the uptime score of the web hosting service provider before making a decision. 


Uptime is the total time the web server functions, when the web server is off-line customers or visitors can’t access your website.  The best web hosting services have a 99% uptime score.


Trial Period


Some web hosting services providers give a trial period. During this period, you can evaluate whether the hosting is a good fit for your website.

If you encounter glitches or you are unsatisfied with the service, you can cancel your account before the trial period ends. The best web hosting services offer a trial period or a generous refund policy.