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7 WordPress Developer Skills To Learn in 2020

With the right WordPress developer skills, you will find it easier to acquire new jobs. On top of that, you will also have the opportunity to help customers and expand your job offers. But what WordPress developer skills should you focus on at this time?

Here are some ideas to take into consideration if you’re looking to learn something new this year.




HTML( Hypertext markup language) and CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) are the basis of all front-end website development.


HTML tells the web browsers what you intend to do with your content.

For example, the <h1> HTML tag tells the web that you want that particular line between those tags to be used as a heading 1. This distinction is important especially for search engines in order to be able to rank your website effectively.


CSS dictates how HTML elements appear. This mainly includes colors, fonts, layouts,etc.


You can easily update your WordPress CSS under Customizations à Additional CSS


CSS as a WordPress developer skill


editing CSS in WordPress
Editing CSS in WordPress



HTML and CSS together give you complete control over your web pages.


MySQL and BootStrap


BootStrap is great because it’s a framework with a lot of amazing HTML components that include Carousel, Modals, Breadcrumbs, a navigation bar and many others. You can copy-paste the code for every component and use it the way you want. Of course, you can also fully customize everything based on your own needs and requirements. You also want to learn MySQL because you can offer backend WordPress services.

You will know how to fix any PHP and MySQL bugs or how to customize the MySQL database at the highest possible level. While there, you can also learn the RESTful APIs, since it will make it easy to create a black box for your website.


Business skills


Every WordPress developer needs to have some knowledge of the industry requirements and the market trends.

This will offer a very good insight into the results you can expect and the overall challenges that can arise. Understanding the market, its current trends and features is crucial if you want to bring in the utmost value and success at any given time.


Photoshop knowledge


Photoshop is one of those WordPress developer skills that can be very nice to have. With this tool, you can convert your PSD files to HTML. It’s also important to know Photoshop features like layer options, trimming a photo, automatic selection and so on.

As a developer, you will need to work on website images sometimes, which means some Photoshop knowledge can be really good to have.




You will need it if you want to create an interactive plugin or theme. Since this is a client-side scripting language, it’s a crucial WordPress developer skill you need to have. Knowing a few JS libraries like Vue.js or Angular is also very helpful.

The thing to note here is that it can take 2-3 months to learn JavaScript, so it’s not very time-consuming.




Around 78% of the websites all over the world are based on PHP, so it makes a lot of sense to learn this server-side scripting language. PHP can help you communicate with the database, manage content while also having control over third party integrations and plugins.

You can use it to enable a variety of website features. In fact, you can even use PHO to enable a theme.


SEO Skills


WordPress developers almost always ignore SEO which results in a well-designed website struggling to rank in the search engines.


One of the most important jobs of a website is to be able to rank for relevant keywords so that the website shows up for those searches.

Search Engine Optimization, especially Technical SEO is a great skill to have for a WordPress developer.

Technical SEO includes schemas, the correct use of HTML, as well as Javascript updates in order to make sure the website loads faster, and is accessible by search engines.


These skills are highly desirable in recent years, and can help you increase your rates and get paid more as a WordPress developer.


These are some of the top WordPress developer skills you should learn this year. If you are very interested in pushing your skills to the next level and enhance the chances of getting more jobs, these skills are very helpful. Plus, the more you learn, the better the work you can provide, and that might reflect into your paycheck.


The best time to learn WordPress developer skills to advance your career or start freelancing on the side is now.